Life and Faith

I’ve been thinking about the place of faith in my life, rx faith informed by the Judeo/Christian Scriptures.

American culture likes to compartmentalize life. We assign home, ask work, family, leisure, politics, religion, health, education…and whatever else pops up to little life cubbies – public cubbies and private cubbies. I’ve been workin’ on this life thing for awhile, and I can tell you the day ends long before all the cubbies are attended to. What we end up with is not only the demand to classify the pieces, but then, the necessity to prioritize.Dog_Riding_a_Unicycle_and_Juggling_Balls_Royalty_Free_Clipart_Picture_100211-114638-995053

We like our ducks in a row and the balls in the air perfectly synchronized. What a thing of beauty. But then a duck wanders off or you sneeze and miss one of those balls. Life happens.

Yikes. No wonder we are schizophrenic.

We suspect integration would be a good thing, but haven’t a clue how to go about it. Or perhaps we’re not completely clueless, but we’re certainly too exhausted to proceed.

I would like to suggest those life cubbies are, at best, an inadequate approach to life.

I would also like to suggest that faith is intended to integrate us. Even for those who disclaim faith, they do believe certain things about life and how it fits together. What we believe governs how we think and how we act. What we believe shapes our world.

What beliefs shape your world?

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