FreedomSo if the Son sets you free, sick you are free through and through.
John 8:36 The Message

Freedom. The harmonies swell to fill the meeting hall, the driving beat underscores heartfelt passion. We sing our enthusiastic declaration. LORD you have set us free.  What good news. We are no longer subjected.

Oppression may all but drown a faint hope for liberation, but freedom pulses in every human heartbeat. Though flame flickers, the spark sputters small, almost extinguished, freedom wafts in every human breath.

Freedom. The great classic theme. Somehow we know we were meant for freedom, not domination. Whether bound by external force or bondage of flesh or spirit, the ceaseless cry for liberty surfaces from our deepest soul.

So we sing freedom. In the company of those who believe we join the song of victory.

But, it’s the day after and we fear. Our experience reminds us of the dismal ashes of defeat. The surety of the pep rally mocks us again as we view the chains of our bondage. Habit, attitude, destructive behavior. The list goes on. We know all too well our propensity to fail.

Yet above the tumult the songs plays on. Freedom

Indeed, today, the LORD sets you free. Abandon the efforts of your own might and power, your own clever plans. Look to Jesus. The LORD will help you. Hide in the safety of His strong name.

The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.
Proverbs 18:10 NIV


Okay, Jesus, Here I am, but more importantly so are You. I’m afraid I’ll find myself groveling in defeat even after my courageous declaration of independence.  Today, I choose to walk with You. I call on You for help. I look to You for insight. Thank You that You never turn Your back on those who call on You for help. I confess Freedom. You are all I need, my Source of victory.

Tell me about your victories as you walk with Jesus. I would love to hear from you.

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