Faith – It’s Personal


Judeo/Christian faith is personal, health centered in relationship. The first words of Genesis unveils God’s masterpiece, click the consummation of his creative genius – persons, living souls, created in his image, for his pleasure. God initiated relationship with them. God hung out with Adam and Eve.

Trust undergirded, protected, and maintained that God-mankind relationship. When man/woman chose to severe the relationship, the Creator enacted the fix – a fix set in place before the foundation of the earth. God, himself, would bear the cost to renew the relationship. The choice to go our own way, seek our own good, ignore the righteous claims of Creator  God not only damaged the relationship, it put us at war with the Creator. For God, renewed relation was essential. So at great personal cost, God paid the price for our going astray.

The whole of Scripture chronicles the quest for renewed relationship. The quest is God’s. He is looking for those whose hearts are completely his. He is seeking personal relationship.

One of most personal portions of Scripture is Psalms, the book of Jewish hymns. These songs are full of the personal connection the writers shared with God. Hear my prayer, O Lord. You are my Refuge. Come rescue me. Teach me your way. I will sing praise to my God. You are my God. You are my stronghold. I will tell of your mighty works. The personal pronouns shout relationship, friendship.

The Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth reciprocates the relationship. We are his people and the sheep of his pasture. His eyes are on those who fear him. He delivers them and keeps them. The love of the Lord supports me. God sets apart the godly for himself.

I find it a pretty astounding notion – God wants to be my God, my friend. This creator: the one before whom the sea fled, the rivers turned back, the mountains skipped, and the earth trembled (Psalm  114); the one whose voice thunders with power and majesty, breaks the cedars and shakes the desert, twists the oaks and strips the forest bare (Psalm 29). This God desires relationship with me. He wants to be associated with me.

It’s not easy to wrap my mind around the fact that this is personal. But the evidence is clear. This faith, this relationship is personal.

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