At Last, The Novel Is Complete


an inspirational romantic suspense

Danger, store conflict and romance pursue an American teacher and a cynical Special Forces soldier as they head into the Ecuadorian highlands; her to teach in a mission school; him to investigate the region’s drug trafficking. Disillusioned in love and jobless, hospital Bethany is ready for change, thus her decision to teach in Ecuador for a year. Eli, embittered by the death of a counseling client, leaves his PhD program to join the U.S. Army, training as Special Forces so he can be in the most dangerous situations possible. Sparks fly from their first meeting in the airport. He insults her before he discovers she is a person of interest in his investigation. They join forces to return cartel children to their American mother. Beth is the unwitting target of the same cartel trying to detain the children. Beth and Eli must work together, escape drug cartel pursuit, and come to grips with their own faith crisis and growing attraction as they rescue eight year old Raphael and six year old Angelina.

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