And You Think You Got Troubles

Now honey, cheap don’t go thinkin’ you’re somebody special.  We all got troubles.

Remember our birthright from the book of Job. Man is born to trouble. Everyone of us is acquainted with trouble. Donald G. Barnhouse observed in his writings: God allows evil to go full course to demonstrate the best evil can produce – nothing but trouble, sales death and destruction. So, shop we know about trouble.

Often the impact of trouble lies primarily in our perceptions.

In Psalm 74, the writer is desperate for God’s intervention. V1 Why have you rejected us?Why does your anger burn. V2 Remember your people. V3 Turn your steps toward your sanctuary, V6 don’t you see your foes destroying your sanctuary and defiling the dwelling place of your name? V10 How long will the enemy mock? V11 Why do you hold back your right hand? Take it from the folds of your garment and destroy them.

Then in V12, his perspective changes, You are my King, O God. You bring salvation. He speaks of God’s awesome power, V13 You split the sea, V15 You open up springs and dry up rivers. V16 The day is yours and also the night. V17 You set the boundaries of the earth. V22 Rise up, O God, defend your cause.

We all know about the glass half empty or half full. The perspective choice is ours.

One of my young friends share the following letter received by her third grade son from a friend in the town they have recently moved from. The names have been changed to protect the innocent or the guilty as the case may be.

Dear mike,                                                                 12/20/12

Things are not going well in music class or normel life. Well, I’ll start of with… You missed polar Express Day. A day where we got hot caco a story, candy canes and we got to watch polar Express. Next I’ll tell you I turned nine on the 19th j0382578Now I’ll tell you just how bad music class can get. Well odviesly Mrs. F does not like us. As soon as we got there she mad us practice lineing up, then she made us walk thru every hall in the school, then She made us stop at Mr. O’s class and told him that we where the worst class in third grade. That made me and sue start to cry and she smiled. And guess who saw u, Sophia and Lauren they lahfed. *        

Then when Mrs. K herd she mak us read instead of resess. Then we had the useuide Christmas play and Lauren thought she saw me watching Sara Smith. Well Lauren thought I was in love with her and I’m not. So by now the whole school thinks I’m in love with Sara. Jason wanted me to tell you a noth funny Sang: Jingle bells batman smells roben layed a gun he shot a tree and made it pee in 1983 hay.

                                                                             Love  Matt Keefer

And you think you go troubles?



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